Animals Don’t Care What You Look Like

Do the animals who we advocate for care about how we look? Should we hold off on speaking on their behalf until we are some arbitrary, socially constructed, version of ourselves that is pleasing? We, like every other animal, only have a finite amount of time on earth. When the end of your life arrives, I assure that you will wish you spent less time hating yourself, judging your body, and other bodies, and spent more time focused on doing right by the animals. We’re all limited by time, by genetics, by circumstance.  Animals don’t care what we look like, they only care how they’re treated, and we could learn a huge lesson in the vegan movement if we were to adapt the same ethics.

Don’t waste your time. In the two months of the broiler chicken’s life, she will have faced a frightening, unnatural, and short life. How many months have you spent worrying about your outward appearance instead of advocating for the beings around you that need your voice?