The Vegan Movement Must Stop Fat Shaming

The vegan movement needs to do better. WE need to do better. Fatphobic, sexist ads like this, put out by PCRM only hurt our movement: . Flying can cause anxiety for many people, but flying while fat is a true gauntlet of fear, dirty looks, stigma, pain, and humiliation. We cannot pride ourselves on ethics while our colleagues (doctors, no less, in the case of PCRM) release this trash: 

Many vegans feel as if we need to be perfect examples of veganism to the outside world. There is no way to show that veganism is the compassionate, right decision when our organizations use images like these. We continue to isolate future and current vegans and it must stop.

The only time a vegan should look at the size of another person’s body, is to make sure there are enough good seats at the table of their next vegan event.