The difficulty of being fat and getting a job in the movement

We know that the animal movement has a long history of fatphobic culture, messaging, and behavior. Fat vegans are not included in regular spaces that non fat vegans exist happily in, including working full time in the animal movement.

Is it only that thin, white, stereotypical beautiful people care about animals? Of course not. So why do they represent the vast majority of those in the movement? If you work in the movement, look around and see how many of your colleagues are people of size. If you don’t work in the movement, look around and see how many people of size you see on employee photo pages. Not many. With many there are none. 

In the job market as a whole studies show that fat people are less likely to be hired than thin people, and fat women less likely than fat men. 

These problems mean that when fat people DO get jobs in the movement, they are likely to take more abuse, take less pay, and accept not moving up through the ranks because their entry alone should be good enough. It needs to stop.