I’m a fat vegan. 

To be fat, and work in the vegan movement, is to be both highly visible, and completely invisible. Bodies like mine are used as before images, or in ads that degrade my body, or as examples of what you WILL NOT be once you’re vegan. Fat discrimination is real: it exists in our social system, work system, healthcare system, and in many different social movements, including the vegan and animal welfare and rights movement. I’m writing to express the point of view of working in a movement that only shows representations of people like me in “before” images. I’m not a before image. I’m just a vegan at large, trying to make the world a better place for animals. 

Don’t talk to me about weight loss. Study after study shows that around 95% of people who diet will gain back what they lost within 5 years. Here are some links have studies on issues with weight stigma, and the low success rate of diets: herehere, and here.

Talk to me about how you’re helping animals, and being more inclusive to all other people who are helping animals including people of color, ability, ethnicity, income level, size, and age.